Dracula’s Chamber


In the 15th century, Dracula was kept in the Labyrinth as the captive of King Matthias. As the Voivod of Havasalföld, it was Dracula’s role to protect the then ’Christian Europe’. However his deals with the Turkish, turned his old ally, King Matthias, against him. King Matthias had Dracula abducted and thrown into the prison of the Hunyadi family – the Labyrinth, lying under the Castle Hill area. After his release, Dracula became infamous. The news of his horrid actions spread via issues in Europe.

Do you feel brave enough to go on a vampire hunt? Go in the footsteps of the medieval Vampire culture, discover the premises of the Black Count…

This is a special exhibition, which the Magic Lantern, the Forest of the Impaled, a torture cage, a coffin and medieval shackles are a part of.