Are you brave enough for Vampire Hunt in the Labyrinth? The Castle Hill is best known for its underground “guest” of the 15th century – as King Matthias’s captive – Vlad Tepes, the famous Count Dracula was imprisoned here. Go after the souls of the dead, in the footsteps of vampires. Visit the amazing 1000 metres long Labyrinth and the Dracula’s chamber.

You will participate in underground time travel with the destinations ranging from the palaces of Sigismund of Luxemburg and Mathias I, mystical monuments from the time of the Turkish occupation of Hungary, and traces dating back millions of years. The Cave Exhibition features special photographs and reports by photographers and adventurers about the most beautiful caves of the world.



The Stone Exhibition of the Labyrinth features 40 valuable stone monuments linked to the history of Buda. Limestone and red marble relics, column fragments, and a cistern conjure up images of Buda’s colourful past. Three Turkish tombstones from the 14th-17th centuries are of special interest. The pride of the Labyrinth is the red marble parapet from the palace of King Mathias in Buda. The arched corridors and halls of the Labyrinth provide a magical setting for the exhibition.



The Masked Ball of the Black Count – WAX MUSEUM
The story of the Black Count dates back to the eighteenth century, when an impoverished Count with hedonistic tendencies, made an alliance with robbers, who dwelled underground his palace in the Labyrinth. According to their deal, the robbers paid large amounts of money for their hideaway, which enabled the Count to lead a luxorious lifestyle. However this magnificence gained through sinful ways, cost the life of an innocent girl. Following the girl’s death, the Count has changed, and the worldly lifestyle in the palace has come to an end. According to the legend, the ghost of the girl haunted the Count to death, who has been haunting the Labyrinth for 250 years and holds underground masked balls.
The figures of the wax museum are dressed in costumes from the wardrobe of the Hungarian State Opera House. The Masked Ball scene in the museum uses pieces from the scene docks, props and wardrobe of the Opera House to recreate the original set.
We thank the Hungarian State Opera House for the pieces made available.


labirintus_barlangokAn exhibition of the most beautiful and extraordinary caves of the world has now opened in the Labyrinth.

You can delight in the uplifting fairytale-like natural landscapes and marvel at the monumental sizes combined with intricate detail.

Caves from all over the world come to life through the photos and personal accounts of famous artists and travellers.


„Let us descend into the blind world.” Dante: Canto IV: First Circle
Complete darkness rules on this section of the Labyrinth.
The Maze of Darkness deceives our senses, puts our perception to test, whilst expanding our minds.
However it is difficult to calmly move along in the dark, when the visitors know, that paranormal phenomena have been observed: descending white fog, sounds of whispers, a sudden drop of temperature, and shadows never to be caught up with. It has happened that a visitor has met with themselves.
In case you do enter, you can only count on yourself. We will give you a thread to provide a small handhold, but this will be your only form of help in the Maze of Darkness.



Romantic walk in the Labyrinth with oil lamps, which begins at 18:00. The Labyrinth can be visited in complete darkness, lit only by the light of oil lamps. The entry fee matches the day time fees.



Visit the Labyrinth during the Long Night of Museums every year in June, we wait you with spectacular experience.